Re: Sylvan Canadian freight car ends

Ian Cranstone

Brian, I offered a review of these cars in the pages of CN LINES a couple of issues back -- the biggest single problem with them is that the side ladders have been placed too far from the ends of the car. The first run of CN cars also suffered from some poor positioning of lettering, although I am led to believe that future runs will fix this problem. The Ontario Northland cars show built dates only correct for the first group of cars (90000-90569 if memory serves), with higher numbers having been constructed the following year. I have no comments on the CPR versions, not having studied them.

I have fixed one (so far) by using a chisel blade to cut the ladders free from the side (leaving the pin in place to fill the hole, and then drilling a hole through the ladder verticals and car side in the proper location, and using fine brass wire to form a pin to hold the ladder in place. Pinning the ladder in place works beautifully, but it will be a bit of a challenge to hide the filling on the car side. Fortunately, unless you're modelling these cars as they were brand new, weathering will go a long way to hide the patched paint.

Also, many on this list will object to the heaviness of some of the details such as grab irons and stirrup steps, so further detailing to choice may be necessary.

Ian Cranstone
Osgoode, Ontario, Canada

On Nov 15, 2009, Brian J Carlson <prrk41361@...> wrote:

Thanks Steve: From the discussion I recall on this list there were issues

regarding the tooling of the TLT boxcars, which is why I have avoided them.

I also have Black Cat Decals I want to use. for the cars.

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