Victor Chemical Tank Car Colors, was: Late 1950's Phosphorus Tank Cars

Rod Miller

The below message started an interesting discussion
about transporting phosphorus in tank cars.

I need color information about the cars that Victor
Chemical operated. According to the Champ set, the
tank was yellow and the lettering and the band around
the tank at the dome (and the dome) was a medium green.

If someone can provide better color information I'd
greatly appreciate it.

To find the below thread, search the message archive
for the words victor chemical.



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Freight Car Gurus:

I need some help. On my layout I have the Conda branch, which goes to the phosphorus plant that is about 3 miles north of Soda Springs, ID. The branch also continues a few more miles to the phosphate mines. Due to my article in MRP 2004, a nice fellow that worked at the Monsanto plant emailed me with good data. They produced elemental phosphorus at the plant and shipped it out in tank cars. When he worked there (1974-1989), Monsanto had their own fleet of tank cars, but they also leased some GATX and UTLX cars. They generated over 200 carloads per month.

My question is what type of tank cars would have been used for this service in 1958-1960 or so, and are there any HO scale models of same?

My contact also mentioned that the phosphate ore was hauled out in older hoppers, and that the ore looks like dark colored dirt.


Steve Orth

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