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We posted more pictures of the C&O 86500 ventilated box and rib-sided hopper cars in the C&O HS websit's supplemental images section.  They will be the for a couple more weeks.

We have a 75% complete article on the C&O 86500 and 87000-series ventilated box cars, with a Bob Hundman in the works.  It is primarily held up for lack of in-field images and usage data.  A short article on their "built like a battleship" C&O twin hopper car series was drafted up also a few years ago.  The NN SB engineering folks had developed their own theories on why there were so many center-sill to draft gear failures occuring in first generation steel coal cars.

Al Kresse

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C&O Historical Magazine for October 2009 has an article about railroad work done by Newport News Shipbuilding and Drydock Company.  The one photo showing completed freight cars (November 1923) is a down-on, from the corner of the cars, view of Seaboard 99927 (a Pratt-truss gondola) and a C&O 96658, a ventilated box car.
Scott Pitzer

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