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anthony wagner

I'd buy a couple. If I'm not mistaken those cars may have also been close copies (or vice versa) of cars on a number of roads such as NYC, P&LE, PMcKY, etc.  Tony Wagner

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Subject: [STMFC] Potential B&O N12 hopper in HO
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I've been asked to consider producing an HO resin kit of the B&O 50/55-ton
2-bay hopper, class N12. There were 4400 of this class scattered between
N12 and N12d subclasses in the 1917 roster, growing to 12,345 by the 1940
roster (up to N12k subclass). It was a very common car, representing 35% of
the open hopper fleet in 1940. By 1962, this fleet was down to only 2290,
due primarily to age and larger capacity hoppers replacing them.

Since I'm not familiar with the B&O as much as with southern roads, I don't
know if there is enough market interest to justify research, CAD time,
patterns, etc. to produce this car. To the casual observer (me), these are
"close" to a traditional USRA twin, outside braced hopper and current
offerings by Accurail and Tichy (maybe others) might be acceptable
stand-ins. To the B&O modeler, the N12 represents a large percentage of the
open hopper fleet in the heyday of steam so having authentic models may be
important. This is why I'm asking for your help to determine product

If you are interested in seeing this car produced as a "1-pc body" kit with
"the usual" underframe castings, detail parts, truck, couplers, decals,
etc., in the mid-$40s price range, please contact me off-list over the next
few days. I'll tabulate the emails after sufficient time has elapsed,
factor in dealer feedback and make a decision from there.

Thanks for your time and support.

Jim King

Smoky Mountain Model Works, Inc.

<http://www.smokymou ntainmodelworks. com>

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