BC RPM meet images from Trains 2009


I have acquired a flickr account and posted some shots from Saturday's event. I was trying to jog my memory as to how many models were in attendance but I can't say firmly one way or the other. I think there were around 100 models with about the same number of modelers that displayed last year - I'll say a dozen or so. We did have a pretty good crowd in there mid day, due in part to the big rise in registrants this year.

My images are available at http://www.flickr.com/photos/32922165@N06/

The plan was to also get shots of the PGE BCR SIG aisle and the PNR contest table in addition to the Saturday RPM meeting but I didn't quite manage to pull it off. The former expanded by several more tables than usual and the latter had the most quality and quantity I've seen in all the years I have attended. However they managed to get the word out it worked!

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