Re: SC&F 1638

Bill Darnaby

Thanks, Richard. I guess I'll go with the flow. OTOH, should I choose to stray from 1638 given the dearth of data, who's going to prove me wrong? Doing so sounds like a sure way to turn up a photo <g>.

Bill Darnaby

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From: "Richard Hendrickson"

Bill, I supplied the photo on the basis of which that model was
built, and it is the only photo I know of an STC two compartment
car. I have a number of other photos of GATX two compartment cars,
but none were built by STC. That there were other such cars, and
that some of them had safety valves, I don't doubt, but I have never
seen a photo of one. Unfortunately, GATX information in the ORERs is
minimal, and I have never found any other roster information for
General American which might answer your question.

Richard Hendrickson


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