Re: Bieber 1947 4th quarter *02 cars (GN, WP Interchange At Bieber)

Dave Nelson

To get up to Lake Alamanor (2.2% grade) WP usually used three 2-6-6-2's
spaced 10-12 cars apart, and fourth on the end, which might be a 2-8-8-2.
For a typical thru train, at Keddie they would fill out the tonnage with
D&RGW GS Gons bearing w/ Utah coal and they'd manage 2-5mph on the steepest
part of the line.

IIRC, post WWII there were two 2nd class trains, one of which was the
Westwood/Almanor Turn, so there was only one scheduled thru train, #177/178.
On the main, for many years #77/78 were known as trash haulers (a.k.a.
peddlers) which might also say something about these two linking up with the
GN. I doubt there were any more scheduled trains before the war and I'm not
familiar with operations post Korean War.

Doesn't sound like much but then one has to know that at Westwood was one of
the largest lumber mills in the world; if not the largest: Red River Lumber,
home of Paul Bunyon and Babe, his Blue Ox and that alone was apparently
thought to be worth the effort to build this line in the first place. Going
on to Bieber turned out to be a pipe dream: SP screwed the WP w/ a loophole
in an agreement to move lumber on that line and the GN/ATSF traffic was nice
but never lived up to it's high expectations.

FWIW, this route remained dark (unsignalled) well into the UP era (perhaps
even to this day).

Dave Nelson

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...standard WP power on the Keddie to Bieber "High line" was equally
substantial 2-6-6-2s and 2-8-8-2s, and through freight trains (i.e., almost
all of the traffic) were operated with mid-train and rear end helpers. Much
more likely, WP ran only two second class scheduled freight trains a day and
the rest of the freight traffic as non- scheduled extras.

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