Re: Bieber 1947 4th quarter *02 cars (GN, WP Interchange At Bieber)

Anthony Thompson <thompson@...>

Richard Hendrickson wrote:
That may well have been true to some extent, but twice as long? I doubt it. GN trains had to come up the steep and twisty Deschutes Gorge from the Columbia River before they got to Bend and another challenging mountain grade between Bend and Chemult.
Richard, you're forgetting that GN had a yard at Klamath Falls and could make up larger trains to run to Bieber from there. Anyone pursuing this topic will need to look at GN trains ARRIVING at K Falls from the north over the difficult terrain Richard correctly describes, as well as arrivals at Bieber.
Richard's second point, that we do not know the extent to which extra freights were operated by EITHER railroad, is also important and can't be solved with employee timetables.

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