Re: NJI&I 4100-4270 boxcars running board type

Ed Hawkins

On Nov 17, 2009, at 11:13 AM, leakinmywaders wrote:

Does anyone have information on the type of running board and brake
step on 40ft boxcars NJI&I 4100-4270? These are steel 8-panel riveted
cars of 10ft 4 1/2in internal height, 5/5 ends, and--I
think--rectangular panel roofs. From profile view the running boards
appear to be metal. Though akin to standard 1944 AAR design (aside
from the modified side panels side sills continuous between bolsters)
these cars aren't listed in my version of Ed Hawkins' table of 1944
AAR boxcars.

Here's an excellent Jim Sands photo at Fallen Flags:

Also if anyone has suggestions about decal sources in HO for this
car, I'd welcome that.

Chris Frissell
It's best that Chet French reply to your question to provide what you
are looking for.

Note that the car in the photo has 8-panel sides. Cars in the series
NJI&I 4100-4270 came from two different groups, 50 of which were built
as all-steel cars having 10-panel sides (4100-4149) in 1944 and the
others with 8-panel sides as shown in the photo of 4254. It's unclear
to me if 4100-4149 were the original numbers or if Wabash transferred
them to NJI&I from the original WAB 86000-86874.

The 4254 was originally a war emergency box car from WAB 87000-87124
(refer to Pat Wider's article in RP CYC Vol. 19). Circa 1961-62 (out of
scope for this forum) remaining cars were rebuilt as all-steel cars
with 8-panel riveted sides and placed in series 4150-4270. This is why
these cars aren't listed the roster I prepared.

The 10-panel cars in series NJI&I 4100-4149 should be included in the
AAR box car roster, but I must first determine if these were original
numbers or if they were transferred from Wabash 86000-86874, and if
so, the date of the transfer. There may have been some other cars
renumbered because in 4/51 there were only 607 cars listed in series
WAB 86000-86874.

No doubt that Chet has the answers!
Ed Hawkins

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