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I've been asked to consider producing an HO resin kit of the B&O
2-bay hopper, class N12.
If this is the car design referred to in "Coal Cars--The first 300
Years" as the "1905 common design" I think it would be a very useful
kit,as many other RRs had them. I know I'd be willing to buy 5 or 6
of a good kit for it.
Larry King

There are rumors that Branchline intends to do the "1905 common design"
in styrene and it would be a slightly different design than the B&O
N-12. I am not sure with Bill Schneider leaving if that will chnage
Branchlines plans. I believe there is room for both cars and Jim's
request can be answered with that possibility in mind.

The B&O N-12 first appeared in ~1912 and is a more modern design; taller
with a larger capacity than the 1905 hoppers. They did retain the end
platforms. Other railroads had very similar hoppers, but I unfortunately
do not have a very complete representation of these cars as I
concentrate on photos of B&O hoppers. A have found a few examples of
"add-on" orders from coal companies for hoppers made from the B&O
drawings. If others have photos from other railroads these could be
compared with the N-12. I will try to obtain permission to post a photo
representative of the N-12 and hopefully we can find many examples.
Although coal hoppers tended to stay on their home roads, I assume that
B&O hoppers wandered far and wide proving loads of coal to many coal
dealers and small coal fired boiler plants across the eastern United

I wish Jim good luck with this project.


Bob Witt

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