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The NJI&I 4100-4149 series cars were built new by Decatur shop in
1944, at the same time the second group of Wabash 86000 series
cars were being built. Wabash 86000-86519 were built in 1942, and
86520-86874 in 1944. The reason for the decreased number of cars in
the 86000 series after 1950 was a result of 263 cars being sent in
September of that year to the Evans Co., in Plymouth, Mich.,for
application of DF utility loaders. The randomly selected cars were
equipped and renumbered 9000-9199 and 9300-9362.

Thanks for your explanation that clarifies these cars. Another item
that has added to my confusion of these cars is a photo of WAB 86694
taken by Col. Chet McCoid in 1956. The build date of the car clearly
has "BUILT 9-40" stencils. Presumably this was a mistake.

Also, the photo of WAB 86694 from the second group shows a 7-panel
Superior door, whereas a photo of WAB 86271 from the first group built
in 1942 shows a Youngstown door. A photo of NJI&I 4145 shows a
Youngstown door. Do you have data on the door assignments for the cars
in series 86000-86874?


I have photos of 86555, 86684, 86727, and 86856 and three of them have 8-44 built dates and all have 7-panel Superior doors. The two photos I have of the 1942 cars show Youngstown doors. I do not have any data on door assignments other than photographic evidence.

Apparently I am beginning to have a problem with memory loss as I found a photo of NJI&I 4157 after stating that I had not seen a photo of the 4150-4249 group of cars. It has a small flag above the reporting marks.

Chet French
Dixon, IL

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