Re: New Accurail Offset twin hopper

Bill Welch

Although I would have appreciated something with separately applied grabs, this could be useful if they do the versions with heap shields also.

Bill Welch

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My understanding is that the new twin hopper will be a"standard" offset style utilizing the same detail sprues as the Accurail 3-bay 70t hopper.

John Greedy

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I see Accurail has announced a new Offset twin hopper on their web site. I have searched the archives here and found no mention. Is this brand new and not yet discussed? It will be interesting to see which design it will be - I am not offset hopper knowledgeable (what can I say, I am an admitted SPF... my name is Dave...). Hopefully it will be a pre-war, or WWII design. I know I need some foreign road offsets, and I see B&O had at least 3000 of them during WWII (Thanks to Ben Hom for his B&O modeling hopper article), and that C&O had a bunch too. To date, only the Atlas twin offset has been available in styrene(??), and being hoppers, a fleet is required, so resin is too time consuming. The Kadee twin offset seems to be a post-war car?

While Athearn may have abandoned the kit business, and red caboose tooling is for sale, kudos to Accurail for cranking out new tooling!


Dave Evans

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