Re: New Accurail Offset twin hopper


Al Kresse wrote:

Not being a modeler . . .

I believe there were basically three types of "patented/licensed"
ARA/AAR transitional end side-panels being used:

1) 1928 Enterprise and Wine designs

2) 1931 Kiesel design

Which model-style is defined as a long taper vs. short taper?

Long-taper = top panel break goes all the way to the corner post (1931
AAR Kiesel)?

Short-taper = top panel break goes to edge of the "ladder-flat" (1928
ARA licensed by Wine)?

The Enterprise design has more panel breaks.

The descriptive terms of "tapered" and "step" have been used to
described how the off-set side returns to the end panel. Most examples I
have seen would be "short " with a "stepped" or "taper" return to the
end panel. The "stepped" end panel is the one I associate with
Enterprise and the earlier ARA designs also use on the quad and triple
hoppers of that period. For the B&O it was the class W-2, which were
built with "Hat" braces for the off-set side rather than the angles used
on the later AAR designs.

The articles in the RP Cyc clearly describe all the differences in the
ARA/AAR twin off-set side hoppers. As Ed Hawkins has pointed out many
time on this list, the type of end braces and their locations determine
if a model is appropriate for a given railroad. From many photos, he
also has documented which way the angles face on the sides.

Of the current offerings, the Atlas model has press steel ends and model
the earlier version of the AAR standard twin hopper built beginning in
the mid-1930s. The Athearn and Kadee model have widely spaced angle end
braces, which appeared later. The B&O and ACL and some other railroads
had angled ends, but spaced closer together. Of course the B&O hoppers
had Duryea underframes just to add another variation.

From the "technical drawing" of the new off-set side hopper from
Accurail, it appears to follow the AAR standard with an IL of 33'-0". We
don't know what end bracing they have used on the model. May be Dennis
will provide more details about this new model. Also in the tradition
of Accurail hopefully they will substitute different "sides" and produce
the AAR "alternate" off-set twin hopper as a future release.


Bob Witt

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