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Not being a modeler . . .

I believe there were basically three types of "patented/licensed" ARA/AAR transitional end side-panels being used:

1) 1928 Enterprise and Wine designs

2) 1931 Kiesel design

Which model-style is defined as a long taper vs. short taper?

Long-taper = top panel break goes all the way to the corner post (1931 AAR Kiesel)?

Short-taper = top panel break goes to edge of the "ladder-flat" (1928 ARA licensed by Wine)?

The Enterprise design has more panel breaks.

Al Kresse
Based on Al's description, it sound like the Atlas, Kadee, and Athearn offset twins are the long-taper design, while the drawing on Accurail's site would suggest the "short-taper" design.

The RPI site does include some self-confessed confusion on how to describe the taper. The RPI on-line photographs show all three of Al's configurations. It could be that Accurail may be providing the short-taper model not available previously, but only an exam of the model will provide confirmation. The drawing provided would rule out the Enterprise design that Al describes above.

Does this make sense?

Dave Evans

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