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kenneth broomfield

OK that is an easy one. I am employed as a Carman for Kansas City Southern Railroad in Jackson, MS. As to the difference for than and now, I can say that there is probably very little.
Basically when the yard switcher gets the cut of cars ready in a track the yard office, assistant train master, will call us Carman and tell us something like I have 50 cars in track 8 for the train number. We will go out and lock out and blue flag the track. If there are motors on the cut of cars we will put a blue light on the lead motor, and use the motor for the air process. If not we have ground air going to the middle of every two tracks at the end of the track. We will begin by tying at least three hand brakes on the beginning of every cut. We will procede by going through inspecting for mechanical defects ie.. loose hand holds, low couplers, wheels defects basically anything that was missed on an inbound inspection, or has since been messed up. We will be lacing the air hoses all the way down the cars and proced till we get to the end. There we will make sure that it has the proper air pressure on the last car. When that is achevied we
will go back to the head end and begin to test the air brakes. Will will bleed the cars down the 20 lbs. of air pressure to suffeciently set the brakes up. We will than go back through. This time a little faster because all we are looking at it the brake pistons. They have to be all set up. One of us would have stayed at the head end to than release the brakes. That person will than release the air brakes and we will go back though looking to make sure all were released. When this is accomplished we will than go back to the head end and remove the air and test device from the head car and unlock removing blue flags and lock and go back to our office to tell the yard office about any bad orders that they need to kick out before the train leaves. We will leave a EOT at the head end so that the train crew can hang it and arm it to the motor. This is just about the only step that would have been different back in
the steam era. We average about a minute a car for the entire process unless we run into some air charging process or repairs that we carman need to make, I am talking about things that are bad but not bad enough to go to the rip track.  
Kenny Broomfield

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Freight cars in the steam in the subject of this group.

Bob Chaparro
Hemet, CA

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As far as what? Freight cars? Train make up? Air brake test? Diesel? Steam? What?
Kenny Broomfield

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Does someone have a good definition of a pre-trip inspection, preferably from a rule book or manual?


Bob Chaparro
Hemet, CA

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