Re: M. Vaughn Decals

Tim O'Connor

Francis, here is the list of Mark's decals with descriptions.
The set you asked about is the "P" set. The sets marked "**"
were originally available from George Drake, DDS.
Tim O'Connor

Set Description

A **|WABASH 3-color set blue/white/black w/book
B **|WABASH individual white sheet
C **|WABASH individual blue sheet
D **|WABASH individual black sheet
E-1 **|WABASH boxcars steam era (4)
E-2 **|WABASH boxcars steam-diesel era (4)
E-3 |WABASH boxcars diesel era (4)
F |WABASH cylindrical covered hopper
| w/ letter guide & color slide
G-1 **|WABASH diesel solid blue units
G-2 **|WABASH diesel multicolor units
G-3 **|WABASH flag logos multicolor and reverse
G-4 **|WABASH diesel switchers
G-5 |WABASH diesel switchers aluminum colors
H |WABASH flatcars (2) w/ letter guide
I |ILLINOIS TERMINAL airslide (1) w/ letter guide
J |GM&O covered hoppers (5) w/ letter guide
K |photos of GM&O covered hoppers (7) specify slides/prints
L |PRR airslides (2) w/ letter guide
M |ILLINOIS TERMINAL RBL DD boxcar 2 choices w/ letter guide
N **|WABASH passenger cars and express boxcar
| w/ letter guide Yellow block letters
O **|WABASH passenger cars Red/Black for UP scheme w/ letter guide
P |60 ft autoparts boxcars C&EI/DTS/PRR/WAB (4) w/ letter guide
Q |C&IM RBL PD boxcar w/ letter guide requires CHAMP HB304
R **|NKP piggyback trailers 2 blue 1 silver w/ letter guide
S **|WABASH caboose (5) all variations!
T **|M&StL boxcars white letters (2) w/ letter guide
U-1 |M&StL open top hoppers (2)
V-1 |M&StL covered hoppers pre-1956 (2) grey car
V-2 |M&StL covered hoppers pre-1956 (2) black car
V-3 |M&StL covered hopper post-1956 (1) grey car
W |M&StL wood reefers late scheme (2) w/ letter guide
X |C&EI road diesel (2) includes stripes etc w/ letter guide
Y |WABASH sand covered hopper OVERLAND #3246
Z |M&StL 3 bay cov hopper slogan LIMITED EDITION
AA **|WABASH stockcars (3)
BB |M&StL boxcars -- 2 different cars w/ Yellow and White letters
CC |WABASH open top hoppers (8 types) plus AA car
EE-1 |M&StL caboose pre-1956 w/ letter guide
EE-2 |M&StL caboose post-1956 w/ letter guide
FF |MILW 70t 3 bay covered hopper w/ letter guide requires HERALD
HH |M&StL RS-1 diesel red/white scheme
II |Peoria & Eastern caboose & boxcar (Jade Green)
JJ |Van Dyke tankcar
KK |NYC diesels (late scheme)
MM-2 |P&E open top hopper 1949-1966 intermediate
OO |IHB 40 foot boxcars (2 cars)
NN |NKP flat cars
RR |NYC stock car
96-2 |NH boxcar PS1 (use with Champ HN-7)
96-3 |NYC Early Bird 50 ft box car (need HB-335)
96-4 |L&M RS-3 and caboose
100 |Milwaukee ice service reefers blue scheme (2)
101 |W&LE box cars (2)
102 |DSS&A pulpwood flat (not exactly accurate)
104 |Fort St Union Depot NW-5
105 |NYC covered hoppers 1 airslide 1 2-bay
106 |NYC RDC Budd car
107 |
108 |Clinchfield 60' DP box car Greenville


At 11/18/2009 02:20 PM Wednesday, you wrote:
Does anyone know what is contained in decal set MEVP 60' Con-Cor Auto Parts Car?

Francis A. Pehowic, Jr. in Sunbury, Pa.

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