Re: New Accurail Offset twin hopper

Bill Darnaby

I have done several of the Sunshine alt-std conversions and it works very well. The overlay casting is quite thin and lays done nicely after filing and scraping the original side detail off. Although it is intended for the Atlas car I have also used it for the Athearn car to get different end configurations. It's only drawback is that once you go through the trouble of the new sides, you feel compelled to replace the cast on grabs, install the slope sheet braces (included) and brake lever (also included). That is where the real work is.

Bill Darnaby

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Sunshine actually made a mini-kit for the alt std car. You are
supposed to file the sides of the Atlas (or Athearn?) car smooth
(no detail of any kind including gussets) and then you apply a
thin resin overlay on the side. I haven't tried it yet so I do
not know how successful it will be.

Tim O'Connor

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