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Michael Aufderheide

Westerfield sells a 'Hopper Car Detail Set' # 2190 which includes angled heap shealds.  they also sell two other radial hopper ends as detail parts which could be used as donors for others. 
See: and go to the Detail Parts link at the bottom of the page.
Mike Aufderheide

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Stewart did offer the heap shield at one time as a separate part. I don't know if Bowser is still offering the or not. It was a add-on part to make the lone original demonstrator PRR H39 which had the heap shield. The shield was dropped from the production run of H39's. The shield was included on the demonstrator at the insistence of C&O who along with N&W partnered with the PRR to develop the H39.

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I would also point out that the Athearn offset twin has always seemed
flawed to me. It seems about a foot too wide. The flat end version
hasn't been available as undec or L&N for ages it seems, then the
heap shield version has one tapered end and one notch end.
When I look at photos of L&N cars, every notch end car is notched
both ends. Every taper end car is tapered both ends. Never found
one with the Athearn version, one of each.
I really NEED more offset hoppers. OK, maybe need is too strong a
word. Want.
Does anyone offer add-on heap shields? To put on flat end cars?
Come on Dennis, number 7712 by Christmas? Please Santa?
Chuck Peck

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