Heap Shields

Bill Welch

Dennis is correct. Heap shields for the cars we are talking about, BTW well illustrated in several volumes of RP CYC, were a single piece of steel. Regarding the MDC/Roundhouse part to create a heap end, it is meant to go with a 3-bay ribbed side hopper in that line. I have some of these to do a Southern version.

I have a some Athearn undec with heap shields so I can "sort of" get to the L&N cars I want. I have plenty to keep me busy so I will give Athearn some time to see if they redo their offset twin with separate grabs.

I will grab some of Dennis' new car and I have 3 Atlas cars w/radial ends and sets of Martin's "Alternate Sides" to do 3 Clinchfield cars.

I just would rather not spend time carving and drilling. Oh well!

Bill Welch

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