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Thank you, Chet! I did not know that.


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I am glad you have been digging this stuff up! This is great info!

Could you tell me, in your opinion, if any of the 8-panel 40' steel
rebuilds, like the Sunshine mini-kit using the Tichy box car, were
repainted into any of the heart or flag schemes? Or did they go into
the 60's and retirement in the "only name" scheme?

Ditto for the Wabash steel rebuilds of the earlier single sheath cars
also done by Sunshine? The 10'IH and 10'6" IH cars?

I guess I have not seen photos of either in a "logo" scheme, and was
wondering if Wabash just opted not to repaint those old cars...

Starting in May 1948 all new box cars received the small flag when built.
This continued until 1956 when the heart emblem was introduced. In January
1953, the cars represented by the Sunshine mini-kit, were added to receive
the small flag. It is not known if the flags were stenciled on existing paint
or added when the cars were repainted. In March 1955, a letter directed that
all steel box cars were to receive the small flag when repainted. This covers
the Sunshine 10' IH and 10'-6 IH rebuilts. The small flag was used until the
big flag began being used in 1960. The heart emblem was only used on new

Chet French
Dixon, IL

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