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I certainly agree with you Denny. I think I see two things at work
here. First, on an operating layout of good size, it really is
difficult to make every car be of star quality. Sometimes you need
that supporting cast of lesser quality and large numbers.
Secondly, I'm thinking that most of the plastic kit makers are looking down to road to offering todays tooling as RTR someday.
As modelers we don't put much value on the time we expend on
adding details like grabs and steps. A manufacturer looking at
the cost of offering a RTR item needs to design with economy
of assembly in mind. Not that I'm suggesting the makers should
make models that are unsuitable for users with higher standards.
Just that I percieve the largest market as middle of the road.
I won't buy junk but I can't afford to buy $40 and $50 cars by
the dozen. I appreciate my Kadee cars but I'll buy more Accurail
and Atlas than Kadee.
Chuck Peck

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....I would have appreciated something with separately applied
"Separately applied grabs" has become a global uncritical mantra for
so many of us, the undersigned included. However, that said, and at
the risk of being labeled as the anti-Christ, I also think that we are
also not really critically assessing a selective number of production
models from the past few years that indeed may be absolutely OK, in
total or in part, with meticulously molded grabs. In this regard, I
will await inspection of the new model before rendering judgment.

The finely rendered molded grabs on Accurail's recent gondolas and
three bay hoppers are acceptable to me "as delivered", especially
after simple weathering. My thoughts in this regard received a
considerable boost this past January in Cocoa Beach when one of the
most respected members of this list showed me several of his finely
finished and weathered Accurail gons with all grabs intact and asked
whether or not I agreed with his considered choice to keep them.


Denny S. Anspach MD

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