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I'll certainly go looking into the Westerfield, Bowser, and Roundhouse
suggestions that have been posted. Thanks
As far as add-on heap shields go, I'll gladly carve off the
top of the flat ends to add the heap shields. However, if
someone (someone, wink) would make a hopper with an unfinished
top on the ends and include alternate flat strip or heap
shields, that might make a lot of people happy. The seam
would hide with a little ACC and weathering.
Chuck Peck

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Stewart did offer the heap shield at one time as a separate part. I don't know if Bowser is still offering the or not.
The biggest problem is the "heap shields" used during the era twin hoppers were built were an integral part pf the end… that is, the end sheet and whatever bracing was used on the end just extended unbroken above the level of the top of the sides. Some later applications to larger hoppers built in the sixties had heap shields that appeared to be add-ons that were attached to the top chord of the end framing. These would be a natural for a separate detail part (and somebody did offer them at one time) but don't do any good for the steam era twins.

To do ends with heap shields entirely new end inserts are required: one new set for each different shape. $$$


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