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Clark Propst <cepropst@...>

My name is Clark Propst I model the M&StL in Mason City Iowa. I found
this group through an e-mail from Richard Hendrickson. You could say I
followed him home.
I was surprised to see several messages about the Decker reefers.
After I read them I thought I had joined a travel group instead of a
bunch of freight car fans. I guess I shouldn't knock good press. I'd be
happy to talk about River City (Mason City in the Music Man), but I'd
like some help.
I have two unfinished projects on my plate. #1 is an M&StL 72000
series double deck stock car (hogs for Deckers). I'm using a photo of a
73000 single deck car and in-consist dd shots as guides. If anyone has a
photo of a 72000 I'd like a copy, Please. #2 is a URTX 4800 series
reefer that were leased by the M&StL (dressed poultry from EG Morse). It
was suggested to me to use a TYCO wood side reefer for this car. I chose
to only use the TYCO sides, I used Details West 4/4 dreadnought steel
ends, a modified C&BT underframe, but the photos I have unfortunately do
not show the roof very well. I can't believe the M&StL was the only road
to lease this style of reefer. Can someone clue me in on what to use for
the roof?
Thanks, Glad to be aboard,

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