24 Hours Left -- 13th Annual PRR Modeler's Needs Assessment Survey

Jerry Britton


Every November, the Keystone Crossings site conducts an "Annual PRR
Modeler's Needs Assessment Survey".

The survey asks respondents to list their top three desired models in each
of several categories, including steam power, diesel power, electric
power, freight rolling stock, passenger rolling stock, etc.

Ballots are typically available for one week and are then summarized on
Keystone Crossings.

Summaries are also sent to several dozen manufacturers. Though our survey
is unscientific, and doesn't take into account quantities each modeler may
desire, we have noted that each year many of our top desires are announced
as products within 12-18 months. So perhaps this data provides a "pulse
point" to the industry.

The ballot is now open and runs through 5:00 p.m., Friday, November 20th.

You will find the ballot and past results here...


Thank you for your participation!
Jerry Britton

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