Re: DT&I hopper in Tracy CA (was Re: Accurail Offset Twin)


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BTW, I found a strategic stockpile facility served on my section of the PRR.


Is that the one on the Peter's Creek Branch or have you found another?

Rich Orr

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Another possibility is with the Holly sugar mill (perhaps under a different
name in 1947) in Tracy -- or any of the several nearby sugar mills. Sugar
mills use coke for purification purposes and I've seen evidence in the WP
papers in Sacramento that coke was brought from as far away as Alabama for
this purpose. No idea why Utah Coke, Colorado Coke, Arkansas Coke, or locally
produced Petroleum Coke was not used... but hey, there's that record of the
Alabama Coke that shows that sometimes at least, it wasn't.

With that in mind, scratch out coal and plug in coke and everything else in
Tim's message makes perfect sense to me.

Dave Nelson

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Simple: Coal sometimes travels long distances for some particular industrial
use (IOW not so much for heating or steam production).
Since DT&I served Michigan & Ohio (AAR District #15) a DT&I car on ANY
railroad in MI, OH or IN (which comprise District #15) could be loaded for
ANY destination in North America without regard to its ownership by the DT&I,
once the rules about loading a car off its home road were observed (i.e.
basically no more suitable equivalent car was immediately available).
Since the most suitable car in this case would have been an SP (T&NO) hopper,
it's reasonable to think that the chances of an SP hopper in Ohio were no
better than the chances of a DT&I hopper in California... So the roll of the
dice gave us the DT&I hopper in Tracy on this occasion. (And on another
occasion someone photographed T&NO #4406 on the Nickel Plate...)


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