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Actually there used to be a tool that is ideal for removing molded-on grabs. I was lucky enough to get one about 30 years ago from Klein Tools. (I worked for an electrical distributor that carried Klein and I ordered a set of mini pliers and this came with it.) The tool is a end cutter that is only about 1/8" wide at the end. It will clip off molded-on details with ease--just a little scraping to clean things up.

Unfortunately, Klein doesn't make them any more. I spoke to the Klein rep at a trade show a few years ago and he said they haven't had it for years. Too bad--it's a great tool!

Steve Kay

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That's a good one... for about the same price I've picked up a
dozen stainless steel dental instruments with various shapes and
sizes of cutting heads. They don't flex like the X-Acto blade
does when trying to remove stuff. (I grind X-Acto blades to
desired shapes and round off the edges too.)

Tim O'Connor

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Micro-Mark makes a tool that you can use to remove cast-on ladders, grabs and other offending items without damaging the car bodies. I have the standard sized model and really does work!

It is a stainless steel chisel, 6-1/2" long and 4mm wide. The catalog description and part number is: #80893 Plastic Modeler's Chisel @ $18.95.

It also comes in a smaller version. The catalog description and part number is: #82709 Special Narrow Version with 2mm wide cutting edge @ $18.95.

You can order on-line at:

The tool is listed in the Holiday Catalog on page 33.

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