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Tim & Al,
              One of the best ways to eliminate the scarring on plastic surfaces is to use 0000 fine steel wool. It polishes the surface while removing trace scratches. I've used this material for 30 years and have been satisfied with the results. Once finished, rinse the item to remove any fines that remain, and clean with a soft cloth. This now leaves a smooth surface to paint and apply decals.
This will work on resin kits as well >>> just don't scrub too hard! Hope this helps with your projects.
Fred Freitas

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From: Tim O'Connor <>
Subject: Re: [STMFC] Molded-on Grab Irons (was: Heap Shields)
Date: Friday, November 20, 2009, 4:02 AM


I tried a new method this week that works very well -- I used
my 'fine' sprue nippers to remove ladder rungs from a box car
ladder, including the bolt detail. Then I glued them in place
as replacements on a broken ladder on a car. As long as the
grabs are not "drop" style, this will work on any car. It was
a lot faster and easier than drilling holes etc for wire rungs.

Tim O'Connor

This may get me raided by the Prototype Police, but I don't mind clipping molded grab irons off an open-top car and replacing them with wire, providing the car body is dimensionally OK. I don't mind doing that on a house car, either: it's a good trade-off for price. However, I find it easier to remove molded grab irons and install a ladder, than to remove a molded ladder and install ladder *grabs*. That one's hard to do without scarring the car side. One weathers heavily and hopes purists don't notice.

Ducking for cover as sirens wail,

Al Brown, Melbourne, Fla.

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Dennis is correct. Heap shields for the cars we are talking about,
BTW well illustrated in several volumes of RP CYC, were a single
piece of steel. Regarding the MDC/Roundhouse part to create a heap
end, it is meant to go with a 3-bay ribbed side hopper in that line.
I have some of these to do a Southern version.

I have a some Athearn undec with heap shields so I can "sort of" get
to the L&N cars I want. I have plenty to keep me busy so I will give
Athearn some time to see if they redo their offset twin with separate

I will grab some of Dennis' new car and I have 3 Atlas cars w/radial
ends and sets of Martin's "Alternate Sides" to do 3 Clinchfield cars.

I just would rather not spend time carving and drilling. Oh well!

Bill Welch

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