Re: Molded-on Grab Irons (was: Heap Shields)

Misc Clark

A modified (width of the blade narrowed) chisel blade for your Exacto handle
works well, also... just be careful which direction you are applying the
pressure (away from your body parts)...
Clark Cone

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Micro-Mark makes a tool that you can use to remove cast-on ladders, grabs
and other offending items without damaging the car bodies. I have the
standard sized model and really does work!

It is a stainless steel chisel, 6-1/2" long and 4mm wide. The catalog
description and part number is: #80893 Plastic Modeler's Chisel @ $18.95.

It also comes in a smaller version. The catalog description and part number
is: #82709 Special Narrow Version with 2mm wide cutting edge @ $18.95.

You can order on-line at:

The tool is listed in the Holiday Catalog on page 33.

Best regards,
Tom Olsen

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