Re: Molded-on Grab Irons (was: Heap Shields)

Denny Anspach <danspach@...>

The flush end-nippers that Klein once made, and that PPE still supplies are the handiest off all tools for removing the bulk of cast- on molded detailing. By removing most of the "overburden" with these flush-cutters, this then allows the use of a sharp chisel blade to finish the work with minimal chance of collateral damage. My " sharp chisel blade" is one of several X-acto blades that have been ground to shape, i.e. to a narrower profile, and have the corners rounded off.

IMHO, the most important issue with the good use of these blades is to keep them SHARP! My small Arkansas whet stone is out on the bench along with a piece of scrap leather as a strop, and I will commonly whet and strop the blade several times during a sitting or session. I do the same with razor blades, and in this regard, both X-acto and good razor blades will last an entire season; and they are sharper and smoother in doing so than when they were first removed from their packaging. When the blades become nicked or the profiles are no longer level -and will no longer hold an edge-, only then do they get the heave-ho.

I have the Micro Mark chisel, and although I do like it, its use has not yet persuaded me to give up my handy-dandy razor and X-acto blades.


Denny S. Anspach MD

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