Re: CRP/CNJ (was Bieber 1947 4th quarter *02 cars)

Tim O'Connor

If you model this period, note that in 1950, there were 3,436 freight
cars lettered CNJ, but 7,878 cars lettered CRP -- In other words, two
thirds of the fleet had been relettered CRP!! By 1953, the totals are
1,950 and 8,174 respectively -- So by Jan 1953 over 80% of the fleet
was now lettered CRP. And of the cars still lettered CNJ, there were
no postwar box cars and very few all-steel cars (mostly hoppers). The
largest CNJ series in 1953 was 757 "Box, Steel, Z-Bar" (21000-21799).

Unfortunately, the 1955 and 1959 ORER's lump all of the CNJ freight cars
together and do not list which cars retained CRP reporting marks. But
by 1965 the reporting marks of cars are listed, and CRP has disappeared.
By that time CNJ had acquired the LNE reporting mark, and those cars are
listed by themselves.

Tim O'Connor

Well, Schuyler, in fact you ARE wrong, at least partly. CRP was
established in 1944 as a separate operating branch of the Central RR
of New Jersey, and remained so until ca. 1954, when the courts ruled
that it was an illicit tax dodge. After 1954, the cars with CRP
reporting marks were gradually re-integrated into the CNJ roster,
though there cars running around lettered CRP through the 1950s and
into the 1960s.

Richard Hendrickson

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