Re: Bieber 1947 4th quarter *02 cars (How About The Trains?)

Anthony Thompson <thompson@...>

Tim O'Connor wrote:
Tony, your 84/16 is roughly a 5:1 ratio. There must be some amount of double counting since GN/SP interchanged some amount of traffic at Klamath Falls, although it's probably not a lot.
At the same time, not all of SP's Cascade traffic went through Redding, but was diverted via the Modoc line between K-Falls and Nevada.
The statistic I provided was a comparison of SP traffic over the combined Cascade and Siskiyou Routes, to and from Oregon, vs. the amount of traffic on the GN-WP Inside Gateway. It does NOT include the Modoc line, which would increase SP's proportion (of something). I don't see how it relates to whatever GN did north of K Falls.

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