Re: Bieber 1947 4th quarter *01 cars (title correction)

Robert kirkham

Good catch Steve! With "01" tacked on, we'd have a 7 digit number. Allen - can you clarify if there is a type here?

Rob Kirkham

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Subject: [STMFC] Re: Bieber 1947 4th quarter *01 cars (title correction)

Allen--47902 would be a correct number for a company-service CN car that was confined to CN rails. But CN 47902_ would have been a 40', 10' i.h. steel boxcar, built by Canadian Car and Foundry with a flat panel roof and square-corner SDE's in May or June, 1940 (Swain series 10). I take it that the final digit of the car number is missing, or ??

Steve Lucas.

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Just one CN 47902

Allen Rueter StLouis MO


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