Re: Wabash large flag lettering scheme

Tim O'Connor


Looking further, the 1965 ORER (post-N&W merger) shows all 50 of
the gondolas still lettered for Wabash, and the 1972 ORER shows
that 24 of them still had Wabash reporting marks.

Since the cars were reasonably new when the Wabash merged into the
N&W I would not be surprised to find that none of them was repainted
while in Wabash service.

Sure would be good to find a photo of one of the auto frame cars!

Tim O'Connor

While on the subject of Wabash repaints, does anyone have shots of the ACF 70-ton welded gondolas repainted into any Wabash schemes? We are looking for repaint possibilities for the Tangent Scale Models HO scale gondola model.

Thank you!

David Lehlbach
Tangent Scale Models

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