Re: Wabash large flag lettering scheme

Tim O'Connor

It's very odd that 50 had racks in 1957, but only 33 in 1959
(their numbers are listed in Note DD), and then all 50 again

So -- about those CNJ gondolas. Were those Bethlehem gondolas,
like the Sunshine kits? (I hope)

Tim O'Connor

The January 1, 1957 Wabash equipment book shows all 50 cars equipped
with racks in 1956. Those equipped with Ford frame racks had an "8" stenciled above the reporting marks and the cars with Merecury frame racks were stenciled "54". BEWARE, THE REST OF THE MESSAGE GOES BEYOND 1960. I have a color photo of the 12614 repainted in the freight car red with the 33" WABASH and a small flag. The reweigh date appears to be XD 10-64. The 11000 series gons Tim refers to were purchased from the CNJ in 1962 and did have larger flags.

Chet French
Dixon, IL

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