Canadian tank cars south of 49; also, Coutts, Montana

Frank Valoczy <destron@...>

Reading the messages about cars through Bieber I got curious as to whether
anyone of you who've gone through wheel reports of US roads have found
(m)any Canadian-registered tank cars in trains in the US. Or, photos of
such cars taken in the US. I'd most especially be interested in hearing
about cars lettered for IOX, PRPX, BMMX, SUPX, COBX, CSGX, BAOX and CGTX,
but anything Canadian would be interesting.

I do know from photographic evidence that cars lettered for Imperial Oil
crossed the border in the 1930s and before (amongst others, whole trains
of IOX cars into Coutts, Montana), but haven't found anything after 1935.

Speaking of Coutts, MT, what road was that on, was it the GN? I'm not
clear on whether the photo I found of a whole string of Imperial Oil tank
cars there was delivering product or picking up crude, though I'd suspect
the latter.

Frank Valoczy
Vancouver, BC

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