Small Screws was IM 70T Flat


The best place I found for small screws is
Check out their on-line catalog.

I have two of their original kits for this car. I remember I put them back in storage because I didn't know exactly where and which way to place the tie-downs. I think that what they were called. I couldn't find a drawing in the instructions I had. Does someone have a good photo?

Francis A. Pehowic, Jr. in Sunbury, Pa.

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I have not seen the 70-ton flat cars yet. What is the method of
installing the couplers on these cars. The experience I had with the
IM reefers with the press fit coupler box cover resulted in removal
of the entire box and installation of new boxes to install the
Sergent couplers. Hopefully the flat car uses some other method than
the press fit coupler box cover.
Bill, the coupler box covers on the IM flat cars are neatly held in
place by small flat head screws.

Richard Hendrickson
Have been using a countersink to make 2-56 flat head screws fit flush on the cover. Also tap the old pin hole for 2-56s. BTW McMaster-Carr & others are a good source for small screws at much better prices than your LHS.

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