Re: Grab Iron tool

Allen Cain <allencain@...>

I now recall that I used "V-Groove" siding to make my "branches" and did not
have to do any additional scribing but now that I think of it, it might not
be a bad idea for the most common sizes. Speaking of which, I ran a fine
point permanent marker running it through the most common sizes to make
them. You will have MANY more slots than you would typically use so some
trial and error is necessary to "zero in" on the "standard" sizes the first
time, or you can cheat and just lay a preformed grab in the slots until you
hit the right one.

I would recommend making this a "narrow and tall tree" which will give you
smaller increments in width as you go from slot to slot. You can add to the
number of increments by using the smaller slot spacing.

I just checked Walthers' site and a sheet of .020 V-Groove siding costs only
$5.49 versus $90 for a CNC manufactured tool and I know that you will have
more increments with the homemade tool.

Allen Cain

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