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Stokes John

It is really important to some people and not to others, which is one of those things great about America. You many be offended by something that I find amusing or inconsequential. Just remember in this context we are talking about an ancient pagan custom, not something invented by a new religion, and it was not even thought of by the new religion folks until a couple of hundred or so years ago, and not in the US first.

Putting up a Menorah at this time of year is still not an exactly popular proposition, or any other symbols of the non-"official" version of religion favored here.

What I miss is the multicolored lights, the trend to all white is boring.

John Stokes

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" The first you cut in the shape of a (politically incorrect term coming)

Christmas tree."

Reading this brought to mind Christmas of 1958, my new wife and I had just

moved to

Loa Angeles, CA in Sept. With Christmas coming up my cousin and her husband


us if we wanted to ride along to the railroad yards to pick out each of us a


Bush", that was the first time I heard that term.

K. Pratt

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