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Were Christmas Trees shipped in reefers? Were insulated boxcars around in
enough numbers to be a reasonable alternative? (I model 1952) Did they,
reefer loads of Christmas trees,  need to be iced, or simply kept at a
reasonably cool temp?
Did these loads make up a significant "surge" in traffic to take up much of
the unused slack in reefer fleets during November and December?
I ASSume November and December are slow months for Reefers. I know that many
reefers were pressed into express service to handle the increased mail and
express load as we got closer to Christmas, but did the shipment of trees
make a dent in this use of reefers?
Were loads of cut trees sent to a metropolitan produce market's for
distribution to retail outlets? Were cut trees a sort of "produce"?
Tons of questions but it sparked an interest. Thank you all in advance.

Paul Catapano

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