Re: NYC freight car lettering

Tim O'Connor

Indeed, in 1954 new NYC cars were being delivered with the
Roman style lettering and by 1955 many new cars and repaints
were getting the extended Gothic lettering. It's interesting
that NYC continued to use lines above and below the reporting
marks until around 1960 even though most railroads discontinued
that practice years earlier.

There are many good NYC box car photos from the 1950's to early
1960's in Bob Liljestrand's (Bob's Photo) softcover book illustrating
the various paint & lettering schemes (and the dates).

Tim O'Connor

Brian, the earliest photos I have of NYC cars with the extended
Gothic stenciling show two box cars with reweigh/repaint dates of BG
(Beech Grove) 6-55. They were taken by Will Whittaker on the West
Coast and George Sisk in Kansas City, and it's a good guess that what
prompted both photos of otherwise very ordinary NYC cars was that it
was the first time the photographers had seen the new lettering style.

Richard Hendrickson

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