Re: NYC freight car lettering


Hi Brian and Al,

Thanks guys for the replies. I have emailed Terry to see if he knows and if he does come up with the data I will post it so that all can share. Martin has just put out that NYC 1-1/2 door tall box car, but is very vague about when the NYC went to the Gothic Lettering for reporting marks and dimensional data. Until I find out when, I will be sticking with the kits with the Roman Lettering.

The NYC is the most unrepresented railroad on Pennsy layouts due to the antipathy of the great number of unwashed SPF's whom I do not wish to associate with.

I spent 14 years on System operations as a Supervisor and then Manager of System Passenger Operations on PC and CR and I worked with a great number of people on both sides of the railroad. All of the people I worked with at all levels did their jobs in a most professional manner. Of course, there was the usual teasing that goes on in any organization, but nothing that could be construed as being serious. When most of the people found out that I was a serious modeler and historian type, they went out of their way to help me get the information that I was looking for. I learned a lot from people on both sides of the fence as one might say.

Best regards,
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