Stan's long stock car

Clark Propst <cepropst@...>

I picked up one of Stan Rydarowicz's new 50' Mathers stock cars at Naperville. I'm about finished with assembly.

The kit is basically a P2K stock car with styrene and resin parts for the doors and center extension of the frame.

All parts needed for assembly are included. The instructions made me laugh because they are written just like Stan talks. He did not included several of the assembly steps, so like most small maker kits, you're on your own. He does provide some poor photocopies of the constructed model. I was impressed by the thought Stan put into this model.

This is a time consuming kit. Heck, the P2K kit is time consuming alone. There is no good photo of a completed model or prototype. The decals included do have a drawing of the cars. A friend supplied photos of the prototype which were quite helpful.

Next time I talk to Stan I'll recommend he amends his instructions to make each step clearer to the builder.

The kit is priced at $35. These cars were built in the early 60s, but are so cool I had to have one!

Stan sells an extensive line of resin supplemented kits including several modified reefers.
Clark Propst
Mason City Iowa

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