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I purchased this kit, as well as their NS low side gondola kit at Naperville; my kits appear to contain all the parts, even those that you are missing.  However, both contain the same sheet of basic instructions and no prototype information or finished model photographs.  I am still waiting on the decals for the NS kit as I understand Wright Trak was waiting to have then printed pending approval of their art work.  These kits aren't listed on their web site so there is no help available there.  I'm hoping once Wright Trak catches up wiith business after Naperville and Trainfest, the necessary information will be made available to us.

I made a cursory search on-line for photos of the prototypes, but couldn't find anything..

Jim Brewer

Glenwood MD

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I'm about finished with a Wright Trak SAL gondola kit I bought from them at Trainfest. (Hope their models sold well)

If memory serves me correctly the kit contained the body, Tichy brake sprue, weight (which was too long), trucks, and a piece of brass wire, decals, plus two sheets of instructions.

The instructions included one typed page and one page with four photocopied photos of the constructed model. The instructions mentioned an inside floor and etched parts sprue, which were not in my kit. The builder didn't recommend using the etched parts anyway?

I was able to dig up the styrene for the floor, grab irons, sill steps, cut levers, and a brake platform.

Construction time was what you'd expect from a one piece bodied gon. Drilling holes for the grabs and steps and adding the Tichy brake parts.

One item missing from the kit that makes it impossible to finish is a good photo of a completed model or prototype. I had no idea what color to paint it or where to place the decals! I was able to obtain the information from a friend.

I paid $40 for the kit.
Clark Propst
Mason City Iowa

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