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If one wanted to model coke, say to fill the Walthers coke containers, what
material would one use, and what color would it be? Thanks!

Jerry Michels

Coke is usually a light grey, silvery color, at least from the old
beehive or the more modern non-recovery systems (you didn't specify era). I
am less sure about coke from a byproduct plant.

Eric Hiser
Phoenix, AZ
I wouldn't say silvery... it's not shiney at all, and nowhere near that light in color. I remember handling it for my neighbor's forge when I was a kid. If I had to match it for color, I'd say somewhere between Floquil Grimy Black and a photographer's 18% gray card (anyone still use those things?)

If I had to build a load, I'd use scale coal or ballast and spray paint it with a dead flat dark gray., maybe a dark gray automotive primer from a spray bomb.

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