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AFAIK Ron Sebastian owns Centrailia Car Shops, the name and the tooling and decides what should be built. InterMountain is responsible for manufacturing and marketing including direct sales and distribution to hobby retailers. The arrangement with Tichy is similiar.

Richard Bale

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Actually I think it is just a case of allowing Intermountain to do the marketing. And I know for sure that some of the CCC tooling was NOT done by Intermountain since I've actually seen the tooling for their SOO line caboose at a highly regarded west coast manufacturer. I won't disclose the maker since I don't know if Ron would appreciate my disclosing who the maker was, even though their products are synonymous with high quality plastic components.

Bill Daniels

Tucson, AZ

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I don't know what the selling agreement is -- ask Ron! :-) IRC has

Bethlehem, Tichy, Red Caboose, et al for sale as well. I think CCS

is Ron Sebastian's name for his custom tooling, but the tooling is

(has always been AFAIK) at Intermountain. I suppose IRC could have

bought out CCS and retained the brand name...

Tim O

At 11/24/2009 03:52 PM Tuesday, you wrote:

Tim, you wrote: Right, CCS is custom Intermountain tooling.
That's unclear to me. Do you mean CCS is selling cars made by
InterMountain or the other way around? InterMountain has CCS cars on its website.
Jerry Michels
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