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Richard's response is exactly correct. While the dies are at the manufacturer, they are still owned by Ron/CCC and they need their permission to run them.  It's a shame they are no longer available, since I would like to have a couple of them...

Bill Daniels

Tucson, AZ

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Bill and Group:

I had sent two e-mails to Intermountain requesting info on the Soo caboose tooling and received no response. Sounds like this is why.

Without making you feel uncomfortable did that un-named manufacturer have any plans for the Soo caboose?




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Actually I think it is just a case of allowing Intermountain to do the marketing. And I know for sure that some of the CCC tooling was NOT done by Intermountain since I've actually seen the tooling for their SOO line caboose at a highly regarded west coast manufacturer. I won't disclose the maker since I don't know if Ron would appreciate my disclosing who the maker was, even though their products are synonymous with high quality plastic components.
Bill Daniels

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