Re: Coke questions

Dennis Storzek

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I used to work at one of the by-products plants here in Birmingham. The size is not the same as ballast. The lumps are generally between a softball and football in size. As for the color, it depends on coal it is coked from. Alabama coal leaves you with a darker coke than PA or KY coal. Generally though I would say to start with grimy black and lighten it just a bit. I do not have a color photo unfortunately.
Yeah, I should have expanded on that. Pet coke is almost pure carbon, and is very black, but coaking coal takes out all the volitals, but leaves the ash (other non-carbon mineral content). So, whatever the ash content of the coal, it all ends up in the coke, which makes it a lighter gray.

As for size, no one specified what the coke was to be used for. If for retail sale (coke was sold for home heating and stove coal in areas where Anthracite shipping would be costly) it would be graded like coal was. If for steel making, I assume it was random sizes as it came from the ovens.


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