Re: Prototype Modelers Seminar Report?

Jeff Aley - GCD PE <jaley@...>

On Mar 12, 6:09pm, Richard Hendrickson wrote:
Subject: Re: [STMFC] Prototype Modelers Seminar Report?
I will tell you that quite a bit of time was spent trashing the
Union Pacific, though it was the current UP, Not the real (historical)

Oh, well. At least there's still a UP to bash, unlike the SP, ATSF, and
others. For that matter, in my myopic view, there's not much to bash in
comparison with UP's peers. Certainly UP supports STEAM-ERA history
better than any other existing Class 1 [partially on-topic]. And it seems
to me that UP's current FREIGHT CAR fleet [the other half of being
on-topic] is as good as any other Class 1's fleet (i.e. full of
uninteresting modern cars).

I will do my best to attend next year, and will also do my best to steer
the conversation towards BNSF-bashing (though I'd much rather bash the
last days of the Unfriendly Espee).



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