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Actually it was for the last of the IMWX cars before Jerry Porter sold to RC. Randy Wilson an independent SoCal mold maker made the tool for the roof and ran it at a molding shop up the street from my shop in Brea CA. In fact, Randy brought it by to lightly bead blast it prior to running it. Somewhere I have some of the very first shots. I spoke to Frank Angstad (sp?) of Intermountain who was familiar with all this and had just been to the west coast leading me to believe it is that tool being used for Intermountain's Viking roof on their war emergency car.

Jerry Glow

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Right, CCS is custom Intermountain tooling. DPH also has a
line of custom tooled S scale models. I believe it was DPH
who had the Viking roof made for the Red Caboose 1937 box cars.
I wish more retailers would take such a pro-active approach to
the hobby!

Tim O'Connor


AFAIK, Centrailia is still owned by Des Plaines Hobbies. See:

Jim Brewer
Glenwood MD

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