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Armand Premo

Bill,Let me get my oar wet.Wordy instructions just don't cut it.A scale drawing is essential.Photos do help,but most guy rarely read lengthy instructions.Parts should be identified in some manner.After building a few resin cars few bother to read the instruction.There,I stuck my neck out have at it.Armand Premo

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Clark commented:
"because they are written just like Stan talks. He did not included (sic) several of the assembly steps"

Sorry Clark, too good to pass up... ! (will duck at Cocoa). Sadly, I have become so used to dealing with Chinese English ("your cars will have been shipped tomorrow"... think about that) that I almost missed it!

Seriously, resin kit instructions run the gamut from "Buy the kit, build the kit, paint the kit" to the "New Testament According to (your favorite "retiring" manufacturer here)". Some assume a certain level of familiarity with the prototype while others will tell you all that you want to know about the prototype - in text - with a minimum of photos.

Personally, I prefer a portfolio of good prototype and model photos along with some basic paragraphs of text explaining parts layout and departures from the norm in assembling the kit. I would assume (rightly or wrongly) a certain level of familiarity with building resin kits, but not always the same comfort level with the prototype. The kit manufacturer has already had to dig up the photos and/or drawings in order to design the kit, so either sharing them or at least pointing to a source would be very helpful for both detail and lettering placement. In may case at least it would prevent me from going to friendly sources on the opposite coast (thanks Dr. RH) to complete decaling a kit after spending untold hours assembling it!

Bill Schneider


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